Whitesnake is once again in Brazil and this time totally renewed: a new drummer, new record, new tour , new musics and specially a brand new disposition to take their music where the audience is.

That’s why the band played for the first time in Manaus, on May 3rd , where they kicked off the brazilian leg of the world tour “Good to be Bad”, performing in 6 cities of this country.

To talk about all these novelties and a little more, the Revista Eletricidade website made this exclusive interview with David Coverdale, singer and band leader of Whitesnake since it’s very beginning 30 years ago, in England, right after his departure from Deep Purple:

Revista Eletricidade – “Good to be Bad” is the first album of new songs in the last 10 years, after Restless Heart, would you please talk a little about this 10 years interval and why it took so long?

DC – It didn’t take too long for me…I simply had no desire to be a part of the monster that the music business became…I got tired of having my heart broken…I would give them songs, albums that I cared about and I was working with people in the record companies that didn’t care.
Really simple when I reflect on it.I’m surprised I stayed in there so long. Most of their philosophies are absolutely contrary to mine.
I was recently seduced by a German independent record company called SPV, they showed me there are still executives who actually listen too, enjoy and care about music.
This was one of the main reasons I decided to commit to making a new album and starting the whole process again after all these years.
And of course, having a fantastic band whom I wanted to make a record with really helped, too!

Revista Eletricidade – How was the songwriting process for this new album?

DC – Very natural…it all unfolded perfectly, Doug and I have a great friendship.
It was only natural we would write together. He is a great partner for me.
He ‘feels’ Whitesnake as I do, there was no need for me to look anywhere else for a songwriting partner.

Revista Eletricidade – The new album is heavier, but doesn’t loose track of ballads and a very strong blues accent. Was it planned or sort of just happened to sound like that? Any personal favourite song on this new album?

DC – We discussed what we would like to achieve with the album, the style of songs and then we started to write.
The 11 songs you hear are our favourites from our writing sessions and they unfolded exactly as they were meant to do.
It was relatively effortless compared to some other projects I’ve been involved in.
Yes, I am still enjoying the whole record as an album, but, I love the theme of ‘Best Years’, it tells of how I am feeling right now in my life.

Revista Eletricidade – What was like to play in Manaus for the first time? Did you get to see some of the Rainforest there?

DC- Yes, It was a very rewarding experience. I felt like we were blazing a trail for other bands. I feel Brazil is developing a touring circuit like some other countries, where it isn’t only the major cities where you can see your favourite bands.
It is only right that musicians come to the people and what a magnificent place to start our tour…I loved it…

Revista Eletricidade – From time to time we hear a fan saying that they miss Whitesnake classic lineup with Vandenberg, Sykes, etc… How do you feel about that? Does it bother you?

DC – It does not bother me at all, I have no desire to ‘go back’ to any time in my life.
Sorry if you aren’t happy with the way things are now…but, please understand…I am…and that is most important to me.
It makes no sense to me to try and make other people happy if I am not.
No sense at all…but, I love Adrian Vandenberg as a brother and yes, I hope one day we will collaborate again.
He’s a fine man…but, anyone who has followed me for any significant time knows I rarely go back.
I’m always looking forward, when I can…

Revista Eletricidade – How did you get to Chris Frazier? What was like his work in this new record?

WHITESNAKE - FOTO: DIVULGAÇÃODC – He’s a dream to work with, very positive, very accomplished player.
The drum sessions were the only time we went into a traditional style studio. He was very, very impressive and is a very valued member of the the band.
Whitesnake has it’s ‘groove’ back. You know, most bands can rock, it’s the ‘roll’ that’s missing, Fraze has the roll, BIG time!

Revista Eletricidade – Any messages for the brazilian fans?

DC – I wish we could meet more regularly and get to know each other more intimately.
I am very grateful at any opportunity to come here and present my music to you. I sincerely thank you for your continued support. OBRIGADO!!!

Valéria Maraviglia/Adriana Maraviglia

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