MADE IN JAPAN - WHITESNAKEI never doubted the ability of Whitesnake to reinvent itself, after 35 years down the rock n’ roll road, David Coverdale keeps reinventing his band and each year releases brand new material to his fans.

Whitesnake “Made in Japan” (DVD, DVD + 2CDs [Deluxe Version] and Blu-Ray) was recorded in October 2011, during the Forevermore Tour, and was originally conceived as a Japanese TV special. Now becomes a very nice follow up to the “Live in The Still of the Night” DVD, released in 2004. The fans deserve to have a video register of a specially nice formation of the band with David Coverdale, Doug Aldrich, Reb Beach, Brian Ruedy, Michael Devin and Brian Tichy (who unfortunately left the band in January 2013 to devote himself to other projects).

Fully produced by Brutal Brothers (David Coverdale, Doug Aldrich and Michael McIntyre) in the Man Cave Studios in Lake Tahoe, where the singer resides, “Made in Japan” still has no release date scheduled for Brazil.

“Made in Japan” is a pleasant surprise for fans who will be delighted with the DVD and CD of the Deluxe Edition, the first CD is a live recording of the same show in DVD and includes tracks from albums “Good to be Bad” and “Forevermore”, plus classics that audiences love like “Is this Love?”, “Give Me All Your Love Tonight”, “Love Is No Stranger”, “Here I Go Again” and “Still of the Night”.

In the bonus CD, the audio of sound checks recorded in several japanese cities during the Forevermore Tour, but the special taste of rarity resides particularly in 4 tracks from the albuns “Forevermore” and “Good to be Bad”; recorded in acoustic format never before performed live by the bandl: “Fare Thee Well”, “One Of These Days”, “Good To Be Bad” and “Tell Me How” lends a hand to imagination for the ones that still dream of a full unplugged project.

The package “Made in Japan” that includes the DVD/Blu-Ray is a treat to the eyes and ears from the stunning clarity of the images and impeccable sound, the guys from Whitesnake spared no effort to give a wonderful production to the video material, while it’s repertoire will surely please fans of all generations, with both classics: “Fool For Your Loving”, “Love Ain’t no Stranger”, “Is This Love?”, “Give Me All Your Love Tonight”, “Here I Go Again”, “Still Of The Night” and the latest hits: “Best Years”, “Steal Your Heart Away”, “Love Will Set You Free”, including the hit-single from “Forevernore” the utterly beautiful ballad “Forevermore”.

DAVID COVERDALE - PHOTO BY STEVE JOHNSTONEAnd it’s really worth to give a closer look at the show paying special attention to the duel of guitars from masters Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach, on the track that’s dubbed on the DVD as “Six String Showdown”, a battle of two great “beasts” in nearly 6 minutes of pure Rock n’ Roll. It becomes clear here why this combination between Doug and Reb fits so perfectly to the sound of Whitesnake, already hoping that this partnership will last for many years.

Whitesnake will be under the spotlighs this year, as the band will release one more double CD set; “Made In Britain” and “The World Record”, are both scheduled to be released in July in Europe and US. “Made In Britain” brings the best moments of the shows in England, whereas “The World Record” consists of rare tracks recorded during the Forevermore Tour stints in Europe and North and South Americas.

Fans of the great white snake will have plenty of reasons to celebrate, and besides all those great releases, the band will come to Brazil in September 2013, for a series of concerts, at least that’s what David Coverdale have been saying through his official Twitter account lately. While the fans wait for an official confirmation, they will quench their thirsty watching the DVD, listening to the CDs and greeting life in general, after all it is very good to be alive!

Valéria Maraviglia

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Made in Japan Tracklist:
Disc: 1
1. Best Years
2. Give Me All Your Love Tonight
3. Love Ain t No Stranger
4. Is This Love
5. Steal Your Heart Away
6. Forevermore
7. Six String Showdown
8. Love Will Set You Free
9. Drum Solo
10. Fool For Your Loving
11.Here I Go Again
12. Still Of The Night

Disc: 2 (Soundcheck)
1. Love Will Set You Free
2. Steal Your Heart Away
3. Lay Down Your Love
4. Fare Thee Well (Acoustic Version)
5. One Of These Days (Acoustic Version)
6. Good To Be Bad (Acoustic Version)
7. Tell Me How (Acoustic Version)

Dvd / Blu-Ray
1.Best Years
2.Give Me All Your Love Tonight
3.Love Ain’t No Stranger
4.Is This Love
5.Steal Your Heart Away
7.Six String Showdown
8.Love Will Set You Free
9.Drum Solo
10.Fool For Your Loving
11.Here I Go Again
12.Still Of The Night
13.Fan Videos For Forevermore/Steal Your Heart Away

Check the official trailer for “Made In Japan”

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